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      Globalisation has led to an increasing demand for professional translation services. International organisations strive to export increasingly complex technical products to a growing number of markets and high quality translations are a ...

    • Specialist areas

      Every one of our translation customers has the right to demand that a text is converted into other languages with as much diligence and dedication as the original was given by their own writers. Every text also has a remit to deliver ...

      • Technical translations

        Documentations of business operations and processes are either performed by specialist freelancers or permanently contracted subject-matter experts. IMASoL's costumers want their international partners to benefit from this work.

      • Websites

        It is apparent that nowadays an increasing majority of business enquiries come from people who possess a reasonable command of the English language. Yet, experience tells that one cannot underestimate the power of communicating with a ...

      • Correspondence

        An untold number of companies market their products and services via an English language website and receive foreign enquiries as a result of their international exposure. Yet, it is an all too common occurrence that such companies are ...

      • Official Documents

        A world of globalisation and broadening international relationships requires the translation of an increasing number of public and private sector documents. Very few qualified translators have the required accreditation to be able to ...

      • Interpreting

        Do not leave your international business meetings to chance! Trust in perfect oral and direct communication through a professional consecutive interpreter. Focus on business and not on the words to persuade your customer in a language ...

    • Translation Guide

      • Project Management

        IMASoL Project Management is structured in such a way that source texts are analysed to take into account their unique qualities: subject area, context, grammatical construction and terminology. The results of this initial review ...

      • Translation Process

        As soon as the nominated translator has been provided with the background information specific to a project then the actual translation work will commence.

      • Quality Assurance

        IMASoL pledges that all texts will be translated to the best of our company's ability. To maintain the overall quality of our translations, our agency works exclusively with tried and trusted translators who have been ...

      • Our translators

        IMASoL employs experienced translators who have graduated from university with qualifications in foreign languages and translation studies. Our translators all possess an extensive awareness of the linguistic demands ...

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      IMASoL offers a wide range of translation options. Our translators can supply translations for either general or specialist requests.

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