Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will be able to find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Should the answer you are seeking not appear then please feel free to contact us directly.

Question: I have previously had a particular text translated and would like the text to be used as the basis for a further translation. Is this possible?

Yes, using a combination of your original source file and the accompanying translation we will be able to carry out a so-called process of ‘alignment', Previous sentences can be used as reference material and can then effectively be re-used, either in part or wholly, should a sentence similar to that found in the original translation appear.

Question: Are discounts available for higher volume project requests?

Yes, Discounts of 1-2 cents per word are available for requests of 10,000 words or more. This is automatically reflected in your quotation and will take into consideration the degree of difficulty of the translation.

Question: I require a translation of 30,000 words from Greek to Dutch by tomorrow morning. Can you help me?

Unfortunately not. Although we do have an extensive database of active translators, a longer lead time would be needed for long texts. Our team of pro-active account managers will always endeavour do everything in their power to meet your needs, whatever the circumstances.

Question: I am not happy with the translation you have provided. What recourse do I have?

The more information the translator has at their disposal, the better the results will be. Nevertheless, on occasions it is possible that due to a lack of contextual insight, or even a tight deadline, that a translation may not satisfy a customer entirely. We aspire to keep all our customers happy and welcome open and honest feedback. Rest assured that all complaints are taken most seriously and the root causes of any potential errors are investigated and rectified.

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